Monday, April 19, 2010

S-Haters discography

S-Haters (originally stood for School Haters according to the insert in my copy of Death of a Vampire 7") were an amazing British deathrock-ish-gothic-post-punky-wave-kinda-thing. I can't help to think of them as a mix of The Magits and Rudimentary Peni. 
While this might not have same anarcho vibe as RP or perhaps Part 1, I suspect that these band played together occasionally (despite that RP didn't play live that much). Someone describe them as Joy Division meets RP.
This band started in the late 70s and had several line-up changes, they had 30 different members (mostly drummers) and even Nick Blinko was in the band briefly.
At first their records were released on RPs label, Outer Himalayan, then later on Midnight Music.

This upload includes all their records; Death of a Vampire 7", Stories as Cold as the Irish Sea 7", Come 12", Solitary Habit 12" (the two track version 7" is frequently on eBay - for $1!!) and the White Noise 12". They also had two tracks on The Thing From The Crypt 12" comp which was uploaded here.



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